Test Systems: Software

Systems engineering services and software design capability forms an ever-increasing part of a delivered system. We design embedded solutions as well as PC based applications.

We are experienced in delivering a complete system of hardware and software, with no need to approach two suppliers. This reduces the risks and interfaces associated with managing two suppliers. A co-located design team improves project efficiency by at least 10%.

We employ defensive programming techniques to guard against programme failures in the runtime environment. Where required, our development process includes a test wrapper to automatically test and stress software modules.

Our processes are written to adapt to specific needs of a customer project, our experience ranges from Level A (safety critical) through to Level E.

Recent projects include:

Pyrotechnic Ejector Delay Timer - test and programming system software developed to Level A, with full verification documentation, self calibration and self test capability. 14000+ lines of C# coding interfacing to NI DAQ Card and HMI.

Aerospace Pilots Display Unit - test system software developed to Level B. 4000+ lines of code in C++interfacing to Power and bespoke serial bus.

White goods test system software in C# running on PC platform to Level D. 14000+ lines of code with multi variant capability interfacing to power, water and serial comms

Servo Motor test system running on a PC platform in Labview with 9 labview module.

Aerospace standards:



Programming languages:


Visual Basic

C+, C++, C#

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