We offer our customers a range of supporting services to help them meet their objectives; such as planned maintenance, calibration, and outsourced testing.

We offer planned maintenance to ensure equipment is fully functional for years to come. We also have the capacity and capability to sort out issues quickly and effectively.

By taking a long-term approach, our customers can be sure that their systems and equipment can be efficiently sustained throughout their life.

For many organisations, testing is not a core skill. Omega Engineering Services (OES) can manage this for you enabling you to focus on your core business.

Omega Engineering Services is a Centre of Excellence for Testing

Outsourcing your testing needs to OES will offer greater efficiency and flexibility. Testing is what we do, and across our teams we have acquired a vast amount of expertise in systems, hardware and software. We offer:

On time delivery

Rigorous testing

Tight project management to ensure projects run to budget

You can trust our expertise and receive a timely, efficient and cost-effective solution that integrates with your business needs and operations exactly.

On-site support – Contract labour

If you have an operational challenge on-site but your resources are limited, we can provide you with the skills to meet the challenge without adding to your headcount. From expert systems, software, hardware or mechanical engineers to prototype wiremen, we can quickly put the skills in place to streamline your project, complete the task and meet your deadlines. We offer:

Rapid deployment: from wiremen to Customer Programme Managers

Financial flexibility: we can pre-define tasks and deliver them on fixed price contracts, only invoicing once each task is complete

Continual monitoring: all tasks are closely monitored and reported on a weekly basis, with a dedicated project manager assigned to every project.

Legacy equipment and obsolescence management

If you have legacy systems or equipment, we can reverse engineer the equipment so you are prepared for any issues in the future. We also have the expertise to adapt, replace or repair legacy equipment.

Equipment storage

A number of customers look to us to document equipment, store it and then test it every year. This approach can bring your business a number of key benefits:

Free up space at your own premises

Know that you have expert engineers in place to support your programmes far into the future

Added peace of mind, knowing that we have all the parts fully documented and ready to work when needed.

CE Marking

If you’re making a new piece of equipment, it might not be obvious whether it needs to be CE marked. We carry out CE marking regularly and therefore fully understand the regulations.

Our CE marking consultants offer support with legacy equipment, helping you make sure your products are approved as safe.

One of our practical CE marking consultants can help you:

Understand the CE marking legislation

Understand the features of a product

Know the practical steps to take to be compliant

Take action following our recommendations

Carry out complete EMC testing

Document a technical construction file in line with the regulations.

IPC training

We carry out prototype assembly and build on a daily basis. We also know how to ensure quality with every job. Our customers often look to us for professional training to ensure best practice in their own workshops too.

We can offer training bespoke to your needs, based on industry standards including:

IPC610 revision E

IPC620 revision A


Soldering training

Assembly skills, ranging from cable laying to terminal soldering and strain relief

Controlling electrostatic discharge (ESD).

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