Prototype manufacturing is one of our core skills and our customers depend on our technical expertise and responsiveness to build complex single items or batches regardless of the product or application.

We find that our customers often don’t have the capacity or capability for prototype manufacturing such as building prototypes in-house, however it is a core part of what we do. We have experienced prototype manufacturing wiring personnel and expert engineers on hand. Our short lines of communication also provide benefits to our customers, ensuring speedy turn around and transparent ways of working.

Working to an existing design – Build-to-Print

We are regularly tasked to create complex low volume products to deliver to a customer’s existing design. They know the equipment they need, and how it will function. However, they don’t necessarily have the capacity or capability to build it in-house. We have the expertise to work to build-to-print drawings and build low volume equipment in a tightly controlled manner to ensure repeatable quality.

Working together to build a new design

We work with customers to help them design and build prototypes. The equipment can be fully functional and documented as required, and can be used to demonstrate proof of concept effectively.

Whatever the requirements, we work to the highest standards, as well as our own rigorous processes, to ensure we meet customer needs. By embracing lean manufacturing and focusing on continuous improvement, we can deliver efficiencies and ensure best practice every time.

Manufacture: cables and harnesses

Our expert wiremen are all IPC 610 and IPC 620 certified and work to the highest possible standards, which means that every cable and harness we produce meets stringent international standards.

We have the expertise to be able to construct cables using in-house RayChem Handlaying tools, building cable and wire harness assemblies with hundreds of individual wires that are still extremely flexible. Also, known as contra-helical lay, these solutions offer minimal strain on the individual wires and connector pins. As a result, you can be sure our cables are built to last, even in the harshest of environments.

All RayChem Lay cables are built to bring a totally dependable solution:

Designed using our own cable lay knowledge, based on the industry standard Harnware™

Available in protective sleeving, with transitions as required

Transitions can be glued together to create a totally protected cable

Designed for resilience to mechanical and chemical abuse and fully flexible.

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