Project Snapshots

When you select a new supplier it’s good to know that they are experts in their field.

That’s why we have our project snapshots to illustrate the breadth of our experience and to showcase what we could do for you.

Our project snapshots highlight projects in Test Systems, Power Systems and represent applications in Aerospace & Defence, Oil & Gas engineering, Industrial, Rail & Transport and Energy.

Please note, due to confidentiality agreements and sensitivity around some of the projects we are involved in, we are unable to indicate the customer in many of our project snapshots.

Case study categories
Fuel Tank Testing

A leading name in the aerospace industry needed to design and build new test equipment to test ice accretion in the fuel tanks of some of its long range aircraft. The timescales were incredibly tight, and involved a range of highly technical skills.

Aerospace & Defence
Flight instrument test equipment
Flight Instrument Test Equipment

Our customer needed a suite of test equipment for a range of flight instruments on a military aircraft. They tasked us with designing and building an appropriate solution.

Aerospace & Defence
Build to print
Build-to-print component

A world leading Oil & Gas systems business came to us because they needed to outsource part of their build process and free up capacity. They asked us to manufacture a critical component for a down hole drilling tool.

Oil & Gas
ruggedised data monitoring system
Ruggedised data monitoring

A customer in the renewable energy industry asked us to design and build a ruggedised data monitoring system that could be left in the field, over long periods of time, collecting data.

insulation test engineering
Design and manufacture: an insulation test system

A customer asked us to design and manufacture an Insulation Test System for their large generator coil manufacturing unit.

fuel test rig
Sensor design and manufacture for fuel test rig

One of the world’s leading aerospace businesses asked us to design and install over 120 sensors onto a life sized wing and centre tank fuel test rig.

Aerospace & Defence
Rail Pantograph Testing
Rail pantograph testing – mobile boxes

We were approached by the UK’s largest manufacturer of rail pantographs to design and manufacture a mobile solution for their customer in Hong Kong.

Rail & Transport
Camera control unit
Design and manufacture: Camera control unit for inspecting a nuclear facility

Our client asked us to design and build a camera control unit for inspecting a nuclear facility.