Omega Engineering Services’ software engineering services and software design capability forms an ever-increasing part of a delivered system. We design embedded solutions as well as PC based applications.

We are experienced in software engineering services and delivering a complete system of hardware and software, therefore there is no need to approach two suppliers. This reduces the risks associated with managing two schedules, attending two sets of meetings, co-ordinating two dispersed suppliers. A co-located design team makes for a more efficient project.

The criticality of a project will determine the rigour applied during all stages of the design and verification activities. It dictates the processes followed to assure the end user that their software performs as required under the operating conditions specified.

An Aerospace project will follow DO178 guidance. However, one for a non-critical industrial application can be much less rigorous if the impact to safety or business operations allows it: downtime of your main production plant may not cause a safety hazard, but failing to ship product is critical to your business.

Mapping to typical ā€˜Vā€™ model software lifecycle
Mapping to typical ā€˜Vā€™ model software lifecycle

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Standards OES has experience with:

ARP 4754


ISO 12207

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