Omega Engineering Services (OES) design and manufacture Automated Test Equipment (ATE), platform control systems, mobile test units, as well as embedded software, precision engineered assemblies and production test equipment.

Primarily we work within safety critical industries such as Aerospace, Defence and Oil & Gas, supporting some of the world’s largest engineering companies and supply chains.

Our leading customers include:

Rolls Royce

Success in systems

Our system approach promotes collaboration across the full life cycle of a project. Furthermore, our expertise in defining requirements and initial concepts often assists our customer’s technical team.

Furthermore, our broad range of skills and flexible resourcing processes allow us to deliver equipment and services where quality is the primary requirement, but lead times are short.

In addition, we supply specialist engineering manpower into industrial companies where investment programmes create a peak in demand. We can do this due to our unique business model.

OES bring together the people, processes and tools to provide a wide range of services quickly and effectively. Furthermore, we are passionate about listening to our customers and reliably surpassing their expectations.


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